Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My First Seminar

During my Thanksgiving break, I had a great experience teaching Judo and wrestling at a near by Martial Arts school, GetOFF1stMMA Academy.  I conducted two seminars, one was on teaching traditional Judo and Judo for mix martial arts and the second day was on teaching the sport of wrestling and how it can be used properly in mix martial arts.  I enjoyed this coaching/teaching experience mainly because it was two sports I am very knowledgeable in.  I have been doing Judo since the age of four and received my black belt at the age of 17.  I also had been doing wrestling since my sophomore year of high school.  Both of the sports are very similar, so it makes even easier to integrate both of the skills at the same time. The students of the academy were very pleased with my teaching abilities.  They left the seminar with a vast amount of skills learned and impressed me how they applied those skills on the mat.            

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