Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lab D- The Exercise Ball

This lab had to be my best lesson by far.  I felt incredibly comfortable and well prepared to have a wonderful lesson (my lesson plan can be viewed here).  I felt I was on point on each aspect of teaching a lesson.  My goal during this lesson was to increase my students’ heart rate and work rate using the exercise ball.  After this lesson, my students realized the use of an exercise ball could really challenge every part of your body.  I wanted to start off my instant activity with the jump rope because my theme today was to increase heart rates with the least equipment possible.  Who said you need a gym?  
A jump rope and space was all that is needed to warm-up those muscles.  My visual aid displayed the cues of each of the exercises we were going to do throughout the lesson.  The students were able to refer to the visual aid in case they needed to refresh their memory with the cues.  Throughout the lesson I had multiple students demonstrate each of the exercises in front of the class, and verbally checked for their understanding.  Before the lesson, I had prepared mini progressions for the students that I needed to use intra-task variation.  Intra-task variation was used during my lesson because some of my students weren’t able to complete the exercise properly.  There were some students that were finding some of the exercises easily, therefore I made those exercises challenging.   The use of partners in my lesson helped my students correct their form.  If both of the students are correcting each other, they will be more conscious to fix their own mistakes.  I felt my voice was clear and loud enough to hear all instructions.  After we demonstrated the exercises, the class practiced each of them while I walked around and gave feedback.  After reviewing my feedback analysis form, it showed how I improved on one of my previous weaknesses.  During this lesson, I made sure I gave the majority of my class positive constructive feedback.  One difficulty I had was at the end of class two students began to fight.  I made a mistake on not addressing the problem right away and letting it escalate to a fight.  The next class, Dr. Yang went over different techniques on how to address an altercation right at the start of it.  As a whole, this lesson I improved on all of my teaching aspects and delivered an action pack lesson.  From the links below you can view my time coding form, and transcript.

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