Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lab C- Our International Unit

Lab C had many different twists to it.  This lab I was teamed up with a partner, Mr. Martino Sottile, to make up a combined lesson about an international sport.  The sport we decided to pick was European Handball, a sport not played by many in this country but very popular in Europe.  European handball originated from France during the Medieval time.  Mr. Martino Sottile taught the first half of the lesson on the focus of how to throw the ball accurately and the techniques of goaltending.  After I took over the lesson, I was eager to teach my components in becoming an effective European Handball player.  My focus of this lesson was to teach different kinds of strategic passes to get passed a defender.  I also demonstrated on how to move when you are the defender and have to defend a two man fast break.  Throwing and catching were practiced before me therefore I needed to spend an ample amount of time on teaching tactical moves to score.  The tactical pass the class displayed was the overlapping pass.  After I went over each pass, I divided the class into small groups to practice each pass.  The majority of the class demonstrated each tactical pass correctly and smoothly.  I wasn’t able to view and upload my video because of technical difficulties but I remembered a lot of my positive qualities I demonstrated.   Overlooking this lab I thought I did well on executing how each student applied each tactical pass correctly.  One negative aspect on this lesson is that I still need to learn how to better manage my instructional time vs. my activity time.  Much of my lesson is spent on instruction and less time for activities.  My area of teaching was the end of the unit and it would have been turned out better if I had more game play.  Each of the students learned many skills and there would have been no other way to put those skills to the test than playing a European Handball game.  The image above is an action picture of Jack shooting the ball after an effective overlapping pass from his group members.

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