Friday, December 11, 2009

2nd Annual ExerGame Expo

Wow! That is the first word that came out of my mouth as soon as I walked in the ExerGame Expo.  The Expo was exhilarating and opened my mind to all new types of ways to teach Physical Education.  It’s amazing how video games can be implemented to challenge an individual physically.  My favorite game was Street Fighter with the punching bags, the punching bags were touch pads, so to fight your opponent you had to actually punch the pads.  The game was extremely fun and tiring.  The highlight of the expo is my favorite game, IDANCE DDR, unfortunately I’m not that good but I always have a fun time playing.  SUNY Cortland was fortunate enough to be the first to use this new equipment.  This video above is the IDANCE equipment we used during the Expo.

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