Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Stay Tuned...I will only get better

This time around I was much more prepared teaching my lesson.  The previous lesson I taught was on the first day of class and I was extremely surprised at the task at hand.  The typical first day of class is a review of the syllabus and the class overview of the semester but with Dr. Yang it was a different story.  So this lesson was a makeover to improve on our mistakes from our first teaching experience this semester.  Going into my volleyball lesson I had a game plan, I began my lesson with a great hook to capture my students’ attention.  Then I went into my instruction of executing an effective volleyball bump.  I felt after completed my instruction to my students I should of check for understanding, to make sure my students understood the proper cues.  Reviewing my Transcript form I need to work on my “umms” and calling my students “guys.”  I have a tendency to call everyone “guys.”  These are basic mistakes I just need to practice and implement changes in my next lesson.  As the students were practicing their bumps, I circled the class and tried to correct their form and give positive feedback.  As you can see on my Time coding sheet wasn’t a lot of activity time.  My next lesson I need improve on limiting less instruction time and maximize more activity time.  Also after reviewing my Feedback Analysis Form, I need to give positive congruent feedback to my students.  I was vague and negative on how I gave my feedback.  Another significant change I need to make is to project my voice to the class much louder.  As a whole, I felt this mini-lesson was a good start to my ADVENTURE in becoming a great PE teacher. 

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